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20 Essential Tips for Buying a House in Turkey

Buying a house requires a lot of consideration. Due to the fact that the investment amount for the house is significant, if the necessary investigations are not done carefully, big and possibly irreparable problems will be created for people. Anyone planning to buy a house should consider the following. Especially those who want to buy at the time of pre-sale and before the completion of the construction project should be more careful than other people.

What is your goal of buying a house?

The first step in buying a house in Turkey is to determine your purpose for buying the property. For example, is your goal to live in that house? Is your goal just to invest in Turkey? Are you planning to rent your property after purchase? Do you want to make a profit by reselling the house after a while? Is your goal to stay in Turkey? Is your goal to get Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport? And questions like these should be asked and your goal clarified at the beginning.

What exactly is your budget for buying a house?

The second step you need to take during buying a house in Turkey is to determine your exact budget. If you do not, you will be confused by the variety and the large number of houses. It is advisable to determine your exact budget first and only check the houses that fit your budget so as to save you time and not get confused.

Does the house have a construction license?

One of the most important things for those who want to buy a house is whether the building has a construction license. To inquire about this, you can refer to municipalities and the relevant departments. The construction license is a document based on the official review and approval of the construction project.

Does the house have a title deed?

Another point that should be considered is whether the house has a title deed or not. Do not buy a house without a title deed under any circumstances; Because sooner or later it will get you in trouble.

Does the house have a completion report?

Do not forget the risks of buying a house without a completion report. As much as possible, try to buy a house with a completion report.

Is there a mortgage or lien on the deed?

This applies to all potential buyers. It does not matter if you buy the house from a new project or from someone who has already bought it; In any case, you need to make sure the title deed is free. Otherwise, you will have serious and big problems. For example, a new apartment with a mortgage on it could be resold due to the contractor’s debts. In this case, you will probably have to go through a long legal process to get your rights back.

Do not be fooled by fraudulent companies!

Those who want to buy an apartment from a large construction project should do thorough research on the company that owns the project. For this purpose, reviewing the resume of the manufacturer can be of great help to buyers. If it is a new company, it must be verified by credible sources. Avoid companies that have received a lot of bad reviews or are prosecuted.

Who is the other party to the deal?

If you come across different names in the property purchase process, be careful not to fall prey to scammers. To make a deposit, be sure to make a formal transfer or remittance to the personal bank account whose name appears on the title deed. Do not make any payment without a valid receipt.

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Is the given information correct?

You should definitely check the house title deed you are looking for. The title deed must be requested from the homeowner. Whether the house is registered in that person’s name should be inquired from the Real Estate Registry. Do not buy a house from a project that does not have Kat Irtifaki. Examine the title deed carefully and even see the floor on which your house is located.

One of the most difficult things to check for those who want to buy a house is that the information given about the net area and the total area of the house is incorrect. So you have to make sure these things are correct.

Is the price right?

Another thing to consider when buying a house from a project is its true value. For this purpose, the price of one square meter of the house must be calculated first. This price can be compared with the price of one square meter of other apartments in the same place. A real estate price report prepared by an independent expert will be useful to know the true value of the house.

Is the house earthquake-resistant?

Do not be fooled by the exterior of the house. If possible, inquire about earthquake resistance of the building by requesting companies active in this field.

Is there a ground survey of the building?

Check if the ground survey of the house has been carried out. The ground survey determines the load to be carried by land in earthquake risk. A copy of the Ground Survey Report should be requested from the contractor.

Is the house strong?

Never completely accept the words of the person who sold you the property. Be sure to visit the basement of the building. Examine the basement columns of the house, even if the inspection is from outside the building, it is still better than not visiting. In a building where the basement is constantly exposed to flooding, the building ages faster because the columns and iron wear out sooner due to erosion. Pay attention to these cases.

Another thing to consider when buying a house is whether or not the building is insulated. According to the “Regulations for the protection of buildings against fire”, facades must be marked according to the height of the building during construction in accordance with fire resistance. You should definitely get insulation information from the contractor. Fuel costs will be lower in insulated buildings.

Is the house within the scope of urban transformation?

Make sure that the house is not included in the risky areas to be determined within the scope of urban transformation. After a while, the building may undergo the urban transformation and collapse. You should be especially careful when buying flats from zero-built buildings. If you buy a dwelling located in urban transformation areas, your building will be demolished even if it is new when it remains within the conversion area for the integrity of the law.

Has a sales protocol been made?

When buying a house, you must make a sales protocol. One of these protocols must remain with the buyer and the other at the seller. The agreed sales terms should be written in this protocol with the details and signed mutually. If the sales protocol consists of several pages, each page should have the signatures of the buyer and the seller. No down payment should be given before signing the sales protocol. The amount of the down payment should be written in the protocol.

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Is the sales contract appropriate?

When pre-purchasing a house from a project, a real estate sales contract is entered into. It is not enough to conclude a contract between the buyer and the seller. This contract must be approved by a notary public. The sale contract should be of a type that provides detailed information about the house. This contract must include items such as the full address of the house, area, delivery date, and criminal obligations of the construction company in case of delay in delivery.

Does the house meet your needs?

Some people make hasty decisions with the desire to own a house and ignore the negative aspects of the house. Do not make hasty decisions so as not to fall victim to such mistakes. Make sure the house has the capacity of your furniture and enough space for you. If you are a large family, do not mistakenly buy a house that can’t be large enough for you, considering that you will live in this house for many years.

Is the house in a safe place?

One of the most important things to consider is the safety of the house and its neighbors. This is doubly important for foreign nationals seeking residency in Turkey; Because they are not familiar enough with different neighborhoods and their safety.

Is the house access good?

Is your house close to school, shop, market, public transportation, etc.? Housing is very expensive and most people live in the house they bought for many years due to the cost of relocation. For this reason, if you are married and have children, you should also consider criteria such as the distance from home to school and the quality of the surrounding schools when buying a home. Again, if you do not have a vehicle, the distance from your home to public transportation and the distance from the stores should be your criteria.

Does the house have social facilities?

There are many criteria to consider when deciding to buy a house. After determining the purpose of the purchase and determining the budget, the search location for the house is determined first. Among the available options, social facilities determine which option is better.

Neighbors may change over time, the interior decoration of the house can be changed, but social facilities do not change easily and often. However, house social facilities determine the quality of life. Before deciding to buy a house, it is recommended to find out about its social facilities.

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