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You can only compare 4 properties, any new property added will replace the first one from the comparison.

Affiliate Marketing Guide

Affiliate Marketing
By joining Dreaming Turkey’s Affiliate system and helping to sell the company’s properties through your website, blog or social media such as Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, … anyone can earn money easily and without capital.
The major difference between our system and other similar systems is that the affiliate (sales partner) not only gets a commission for each successful sale through his/her link, but also if he/she introduces another affiliate, he/she will receive a percentage of the sales commission for each successful sale of the new affiliate. Here’s an example:
Suppose Richard is an affiliate. If Amy registers as an affiliate through Richard’s special link or writes Richard’s username under the “Referrer” section while registering, for each successful sale of Amy some of the sales commission will be awarded to Richard.

Steps to Make Money:
1) Sign up for the system
2) Get a special link for the property (System will give you)
3) Insert the received link in social networks
4) Get a commission for every successful purchase of your special link

Note: Successful purchasing involves signing a contract with the customer and receiving a down payment.

Registration Guide
• Enter the registration section.
• If someone refers you to the Affiliate System, enter their username in the “Referrer” box, otherwise, leave this box blank.
• Choose an English username. Be careful in choosing a username, as it cannot be changed later.
• Enter the real name of your birth certificate (payments are made by this name).
• Enter a valid email (communications are via this email).
• In the “Password” box, select a password for your account and confirm it in the “Confirm Password” box.
• Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
• Do a non-robot test!
• Click the “Register” button.

How to get a special link
• Enter the Affiliate Area.
• In your User Panel, enter the “Affiliate URLs” tab.
• Enter the page link in the “Page URL” box.
• Click the “Generate URL” button.
• The system will generate a special link for the page.
• Do this for each page and create your own special links.
• Finally, post your own special links on your website or social network and get a commission for every successful sale.

How to shorten links
Since links are usually long, it is good to shorten them through relevant sites to make them easier to work with. You can use the following sites to shorten your links:

How to share links on Instagram
By default, only one link can be inserted on the Instagram. But the website makes it possible for you to share multiple links on your Instagram page. To do this, follow these steps:
• Go to
• Click the “START NOW” button.
• Click the “LOGIN VIA INSTAGRAM” button.
• Click “Authorize” to connect to your Instagram page.
• In the first box, enter the shortened link for the page you want to share.
• In the second box, enter the name of your social media (e.g. Instagram).
• Then click on “CHOOSE IMAGE” and upload the property photo you just downloaded from Dreaming Turkey.
• Finally, click on “ADD LINK NOW”.
• Do this for all your special links.
• When you’re done, click on “GET YOUR URL” to get a link to all your pages.
• This link contains all the pages you have added and you can paste it into the “website section” of your Instagram page.