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Everything About Infinity Pools

Do you know what exactly an infinity pool is?

In this article, we are going to introduce this type of pool.

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From here to infinity is the view you get in a swimming pool with a vanishing edge. Infinity pools make you feel as if you are one with the horizon, floating above the landscape, luxuriating in the sky, and finally understanding how it feels to be a bird. How do you think infinity pool designers do the design work exactly? Follow us to the end of this article to find out.

What is an infinity pool?

An infinity pool, also known as a zero-edge pool, looks like it disappears into the horizon. An infinity pool is designed to play a visual trick on the eye, making you think that there is no separation between the water and surrounding landscape features.

To qualify as an infinity pool, the top of the water needs to be at the same level as the edges surrounding the pool, creating the illusion of the edge merging with the blue of the ocean, sea or sky.

What is an infinity pool edge?

An infinity pool’s edge is like the edge of any swimming pool, except that there’s a dip in one section of it to allow water to flow over, into a lower catchment basin. To create the disappearing-edge illusion, infinity pools are designed without a visible cap: at the deck level, there’s nothing—coping, pavers, or decking—to call attention to the edge.

How do infinity pools work?

To understand how an infinity pool’s design works, imagine a waterfall. You see the water goes over the edge of a waterfall and—disappears into thin air. What really happens, of course, is that the water flows down to a lower level and (depending on how steep a waterfall’s slope is) is captured in a lower pool, which then overflows again as more volume cascades down from the top.

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An infinity pool is sort of like a waterfall with a single lower level—one section of the pool’s edge is lower, acting like a dam which overflows into a lower catch basin. From there, water is pumped back into the upper pool to create a continuous overflow.

Are infinity pools safe?

Yes, infinity pools are safe. Remember, the disappearing edge is a visual trick, not an actual disappearing edge. If you swim up to the edge of the pool, you’ll reach a wall.

What places are best for infinity pools?

An infinity-edge pool needs an appropriate setting. While it can be a striking design element, this type of pool works best on a place with a significant drop-off.

Do infinity pools require additional maintenance?

Infinity pool technology is more complicated than old-fashioned pool technology, so expect more maintenance requirements as well. The water catchment basin is an additional area to clean, for one thing. The filtration and water pump need to be monitored; if one gets clogged or the other breaks down, there will be no effective recirculation. And finally, as water flows over the edge of the pool and into a lower basin, it will evaporate faster than in a typical swimming pool.

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