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Foreigners Social Rights in Turkey

Today, due to the expansion of globalization, many people prefer to travel to foreign countries for various reasons for work and life. Turkey has always been one of the best options for immigration due to its good living conditions and numerous job opportunities. According to official statistics, the number of foreign nationals living in Turkey is about 1.5 million. Under Turkish law, foreign nationals residing in the country have many social rights. In this article, we intend to point out the most important of these social rights.

Residence Permit

All foreign nationals who have legally entered the borders of Turkey can apply for a residence permit card by contacting the Immigration Office and providing the required documents. Residing in Turkey without a permit can have serious consequences, including fines and even deportation.

Work Permit

Foreign nationals with a residence card can obtain a work permit by contacting the relevant authorities. Working without a work permit is illegal, and employees and even employers can be fined if they do. Working without a work permit can also lead to deportation.

Opening a Bank Account

Foreigners residing in Turkey can open a bank account in some of the country’s banks and receive a bank card. People with a bank card can use their card to buy (in person and online), pay bills, receive cash, etc.

Social Security Insurance

According to the Turkish constitution, everyone who works in this country has a social security right. This law also applies to foreigners. Employers must pay insurance for foreign nationals working legally in Turkey. Failure to comply with this law may result in heavy fines for the employer.

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Labor Law

In addition to Turkish citizens, Turkish labor law protects the rights of foreign workers. The minimum net monthly wage shall not be less than the amount determined by this law. According to this law, in 2021 the minimum net wage (after deduction of deductions) in Turkey is 2825 Turkish Lira. In addition, the maximum weekly working time in Turkey is 45 hours. If you work more than this, you must be paid extra. Employees also have the right to annual paid leave in addition to public holidays. You must have worked in the same place for at least one year to be entitled to annual paid leave.


Foreign nationals can retire in Turkey if eligible. To qualify for a pension, a foreign worker must be at least 58 years old and have paid 7,200 days in insurance.

Health Insurance

Foreign nationals can use Turkish health insurance if they qualify. To be eligible first of all, you must have a residence permit and have lived in Turkey for more than a year. You should also not have health insurance in another country. Those who meet these criteria can go to the nearest social security center and apply for insurance. The spouse and all children under the age of 18 (or up to the age of 25 in the case of higher education) have this right. In addition, if the employee is responsible for providing for his or her parents, they can also receive health insurance.

Non-Discrimination Principle

In Turkey, any discrimination based on language, religion, race, or gender between employees (whether Turkish citizens or foreign nationals) is prohibited. The purpose of this law, which is protected by both international conventions and municipal law, is to ensure the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals.

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