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How to immigrate to Turkey?

In this article, we are going to explain all the ways to immigrate to Turkey and obtain a permanent residence in Turkey.

Turkish Citizenship through Buying Property

Under Turkish law, if a person purchases properties worth $ 250,000, that person, their spouse(s), and children under 18 are granted permanent residence and a Turkish passport. In other words, the person and his / her family will become Turkish citizens. The time required for the process of Turkish citizenship in this method is 1-3 months.

If the properties’ value is less than $ 250,000, the buyer and their family will be granted temporary residency, which will be renewed annually, resulting in permanent residence in Turkey after 5-8 years. Keep in mind that permanent residence does not necessarily mean citizenship.

The most important document required in this procedure is the official translation of the birth certificate and marriage/virginity certificate that you must obtain from your home country. Other documents can also be obtained in Turkey.

This is one of the best and safest ways to emigrate to Turkey and obtain a permanent residence in Turkey, because you will always need housing to live in Turkey, and in addition to satisfying your need for housing, you will be granted permanent residence and Turkish citizenship. Given the rising value of house prices in Turkey, you are also investing in this method. By the way, it is almost impossible to cancel your permanent residence and citizenship by government agencies in this way.

It should be noted that Dreaming Turkey, as the official sales representative of construction companies in Turkey, has provided a platform for you to easily view, check, and select properties on the company’s website. If a property is selected, all processes will be followed by experts from the Dreaming Turkey Company. Please notice that using our experts is completely free of charge.

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Turkish Citizenship through Investment

In addition to the property purchase method, you can obtain Turkish citizenship through investments of US $ 500,000 for 3 years in sectors such as Turkish banks, investment funds, development projects, and more.

Turkish Citizenship through Company Registration

You can get Turkish citizenship by registering a company and recruiting 50 Turkish citizens. It should be noted that in this way the company must be active for at least 5 years.

Turkish Citizenship through Employment

In this way, you have to have special expertise and be hired in a company in Turkey as a workforce. At the time of applying for that company to work with you, according to the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Welfare, there should not be an unemployed Turkish citizen with your expertise.

Turkish Citizenship through Marriage

In this way, you have to marry a Turkish citizen (ie a Turkish passport holder). After 3-5 years, Turkish citizenship and passport will be issued.

Turkish Citizenship through Birth

Turkey is one of the countries with the right of blood. That means, for a newborn to obtain Turkish citizenship, at least one of their parents must be a Turkish citizen.

Turkish Citizenship through Brilliant Resume

In this way, prominent athletes, artists, researchers, businessmen, and all those who have a brilliant resume and impressive achievements such as Olympic medals, festival awards, etc., can obtain Turkish citizenship.

Turkish Citizenship through Asylum

This method is for those who do not have security for some reasons like religious, political, etc. Given the risks and drawbacks of this method, Dreaming Turkey advises using other methods to migrate to Turkey.

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