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Istanbul, International Financial Center

Turkey plans to make great strides by 2023 in many areas, including exports, investment, and energy. Turkey currently has the 13th largest GDP in the world. According to Turkey’s strategic goals, it will be one of the largest economies in the world by 2023 with large investments and projects. According to this goal, in 2023, Turkey’s export target is $ 500 billion. It will also be worth $ 2 trillion by 2023, according to the country’s GDP.

In recent years, Turkey has begun to reform its economic structure and has made significant investments and innovations in areas such as energy, transportation, agriculture, animal husbandry, health, and telecommunications. These measures will lead to the development of capacity in the economic structure and make the economic system more resilient to the dangers in the world. These economic reforms have strengthened the position of Turkey’s banking system in the world. In the 1990s, Turkish exporters ignored the Middle East and focused only on Europe, but now emerging markets in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East are playing an important role in building Istanbul as a financial center.

Foreign investors receive Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport as a gift by purchasing real estate worth a total of $ 250,000 to use Turkey’s geopolitical position to reach Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Most importantly, investors can use Istanbul’s new airport, one of the world’s largest airports, to fly directly to the capital in 22 countries and fly to 400 destinations.

Istanbul, Turkey’s economic capital city, is a leader in energy, transportation, and public investment. Istanbul, Turkey’s gateway to imports and exports, is known as the financial center of the region after projects such as Marmaray, the new airport, the Istanbul Canal, the Eurasian Tunnel, and 3 Istanbul bridges. It is estimated that Istanbul, which has a historical background, will add value to its investors as the region’s financial center, and anyone living in Istanbul will be part of the system. As the economic capital of Turkey, Istanbul now hosts many global financial meetings and meetings of senior corporate executives and is one step closer to becoming a global financial center.

  Getting to know Istanbul

With a 700-year history of success, Istanbul is investing in global financial technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, digital voice recognition, and digital encryption. In addition to being a global cultural center, Istanbul seems to have significant benefits for becoming a financial center. To make Turkey one of the world’s 10 largest economies by 2023, new infrastructure projects such as bridges, hospitals, and nuclear power plants are expected to be built. According to Microsoft research, Turkish companies are ranked well in the world in terms of digitalization; A large number of customers go to shopping sites through social networks in Turkey, and 1 in 3 people shops online.

In short, in the near future, Istanbul will become an international financial, cultural, and artistic center and will play a key role in the economy.

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