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Kat Irtifaki or Kat Mulkiyeti?

Each of us works from morning to night under extreme stress. There is a fundamental reason for this stress and that is trying to build a better life. A better life for many of us means ownership. In the subject of real estate ownership in Turkey, we are faced with a difference between the two types of title deeds Kat İrtifakı and Kat Mülkiyeti, and this difference usually puts potential buyers in a difficult position. Confused buyers who do not know which of these two types of documents are better may face problems in the future. For this reason, it is important to understand the difference between Kat İrtifakı and Kat Mülkiyeti. In this article, we will explain exactly what the difference is between these two types of title deeds. We hope it will be useful for Turkish citizens as well as Turkish immigrants looking to buy a house or any kind of property.

What is Kat İrtifakı?

Kat İrtifakı, which is accepted as a kind of title deed, is a document stating that you are the legal owner of a building under construction. For example, suppose you want to buy an apartment from a building whose project has been designed, approved, and started. At this stage, you will not be given a Kat Mülkiyeti title deed. Instead, you will be given a specific share of the land corresponding to your apartment. The name of the official document indicating your contribution is Kat İrtifakı.

What is Kat Mülkiyeti?

Before answering this question, we need to know what the Completion Report is. Because Kat Mülkiyeti is a title deed that can only be obtained after Completion Report Certificate.

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Buildings that have been completed will be obtained a Completion Report Certificate after contacting the Municipal Zoning Office. Completion Report Certificate, also known as a “building use certificate” or “residence permit,” is an official document that states whether a project has been built in accordance with an approved plan. Therefore, buildings that have not been constructed in accordance with the approved project may not be obtained a Completion Report Certificate. This means that if you have Kat İrtifakı you can’t get Kat Mülkiyeti. In addition, it is not possible to get utilities like water, electricity, and natural gas in buildings without a Completion Report Certificate.

Kat Mülkiyeti is a title deed that shows your real estate in a completed building. Upon completion, Kat İrtifakı should become Kat Mülkiyeti. Getting Kat Mülkiyeti is mandatory in completed projects.

The question that may come to the minds of real estate buyers is “What if the Completion Report Certificate is available, but the title deed is not Kat Mülkiyeti?” In answer to this question, we should say that in this case, because you do not have an up-to-date title deed that shows that your real estate, including your house and shop, belongs to you, it means that no legal obligation has been fulfilled.

What are the differences between Kat İrtifakı and Kat Mülkiyeti?

Although both are title deeds that express property rights, there are many differences between Kat İrtifakı and Kat Mülkiyeti. The differences between these two types of title deeds are listed below:

  • Although both are title deeds, the type of property rights they hold to the owner varies. In Kat İrtifakı, the type of property is specified as “land” and a specific area is given as a share of the real estate you own. When converting a title deed to Kat Mülkiyeti, the property type is updated as “building”.
  • Kat İrtifakı means approval of a project, but Kat Mülkiyeti states that your apartment or shop belongs to the project. So not having Kat Mülkiyeti means that you may face legal problems in the future.
  • Banks do not give a mortgage loan to an apartment with Kat İrtifakı. Mortgages can be granted to apartments with Kat Mülkiyeti and other conditions in some aspects such as age and safety. But if you want to buy an apartment whose project has started and has not yet been completed (given that the prices are lower on pre-selling), buying an apartment from a reputable and trusted construction company and consulting with a specialist will be useful (all Dreaming Turkey‘s properties are guaranteed by the Kat Mülkiyeti title deed, and you can also consult with our experts in this field for free).
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Kat İrtifakı and Kat Mülkiyeti both represent property rights. Kat İrtifakı is for a structure that has not been completed, but Kat Mülkiyeti is for buildings with a certificate of completion. In other words, Kat İrtifakı is one step before Kat Mülkiyeti. Once construction is complete, the title deed needs to be converted to Kat Mülkiyeti.


To avoid future problems, buy real estate only from a reputable and trusted company.

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