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Marriage in Turkey

As you know, marrying a Turkish citizen can lead to obtaining Turkish citizenship or a so-called Turkish passport. In addition, given that there are many immigrants in Turkey who can legally marry in Turkey, we dedicate this article to examining marriage in Turkey for both those seeking marriage for Turkish citizenship and those seeking marriage to non-Turkish partners, to benefit from it.

Turkey is one of the countries with the highest rate of marriage and also has a lower divorce rate than other countries. There are many beautiful places to get married and live in Turkey, which is why many foreigners like to have their wedding in Turkey.

Marriage and Divorce Statistics in Turkey

In 2019, the number of marriages in Turkey was about 541 thousand and the number of divorces was approximately 155 thousand. Compared to last year, the number of marriages has decreased by 2.3 percent and the number of divorces has increased by 8 percent.

Foreign Marriage Statistics in Turkey

In 2019, the number of foreign brides was about 23,000, or 4.3% of the total number of brides. Among foreign brides, Syrian brides are in first place with 14.5%. Azerbaijani brides are second with 11.7% and German brides are third with 10.5%.

Also, in 2019, the number of foreign grooms was about 4.6 thousand, or 0.8% of the total number of grooms. Among foreign grooms, German grooms are in first place with 31%. Syrian grooms are second with 16.4 percent and Austrian grooms are third with 6.8 percent.

Marriage Laws in Turkey

In Turkey, only marriage between a man and a woman is allowed, and other usual marriages in some countries are not recognized in Turkey. Polygamy is forbidden in Turkey and this is one of the essential principles of family law in Turkey. According to Turkish law, a newly married person cannot get married immediately.

The minimum age for marriage in Turkey is 18, but if the court permits, a 17-year-old can marry with the consent of his parents or guardian. There is no maximum age for marriage.

Rationality is necessary for marriage. Marriage between close relatives is also prohibited.

Marriages in Turkey take place in the presence of a municipal official. There are no restrictions on the place of marriage; The wedding can take place in the town hall or in a place chosen by the couple.

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Necessary Documents for Marriage in Turkey

  • Passport with an official translation
  • Valid visa or residence card
  • Certificate of celibacy
  • Health certificate
  • 6 Pieces of photos
  • If the foreigner does not speak Turkish, an official interpreter

If you are divorced, a divorce certificate

If you are a widow, a certificate of death of your ex-spouse and a certificate of the previous marriage

If your name has changed, the name change certificate

If you are an adopted child, an adoption certificate

If you are under the age of 18 and of course allowed to marry, parental or guardian agreement

Certificate of residence; For foreigners not residing in Turkey, a letter from the hotel

If your documents are not in Turkish, you must provide an official translation.

Bachelorette Party

In Turkey, it is customary for the bride and groom to celebrate singleness with their friends before marriage. For brides, this ceremony is usually in the form of the henna night; The bride and her friends gather around each other and paint on each other’s hands with henna. Although this ceremony is held in some countries with the presence of guests, this is not the case in Turkey and only the bride and groom’s friends celebrate separately. This is an informal ceremony, but it is an important traditional part of the marriage process.

Marriage Agreements

By default, the couple shares equally all the assets they acquire during the marriage. If a couple does not want to do this, they can agree on pre- and post-marital assets. They can do this in two ways: 1- They can register this premarital agreement in the notary public. 2- They can inform the marriage agent of what requests and agreements they have for marriage.

Given that marriage is very important for public policy, a judge has the absolute right to supervise premarital agreements; This means that elective agreements can be amended or challenged, and not all agreements are necessarily ratified.

Official Marriage Ceremony

An official marriage ceremony usually takes 15 to 30 minutes. In the case of foreigners who cannot speak Turkish well, many of the city’s large halls extend the marriage ceremony by up to an hour. The reason for this is that if the parties do not speak Turkish well to each other, the marriage agent invites an interpreter to translate the language of the parties during the marriage process. Although the bridal salon does not charge extra for the extra time, you will have to pay for the translator.

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The marriage ceremony is such that the marriage agent asks each of the parties whether they agree to marry each other or not; After a positive answer from both people, their marriage is declared legal. Two witnesses are required for the marriage ceremony, but the witnesses cannot be first-degree relatives or translators of the ceremony. You can use your friends, hotel staff, or even passers-by as witnesses.

It is perfectly legal to hold religious marriage ceremonies in Turkey. Although this ceremony has no legal effect, people can also hold religious ceremonies if they wish. Of course, this ceremony must be after the official marriage ceremony, otherwise, it is considered a violation.

Marriage Certificate

Immediately after marriage, your marriage certificate will be issued. If you need more copies of this document, you can get as many as you want at the same time or later at a lower cost. People often request these additional copies to be submitted to banks and other institutions.


It is customary for the newly married couples to travel together for at least a few days on their honeymoon. There are many companies in Turkey that offer honeymoon travel packages that include domestic and international travel.

Post-Marriage Notification

After marriage, some companies need to know about your marriage, for example, your banks, mobile service providers, your doctors, companies that have lent to you, and so on. Most important of all is the tax office. Be sure to notify your tax office of your marriage, as you may be eligible for some tax breaks.

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