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Military Service in Turkey

Another issue that concerns the minds of Turkish citizens is military service and related laws. This is a bigger problem for foreign nationals who apply for Turkish citizenship; because they are not familiar with Turkish military laws and do not have sufficient resources to do so. Therefore, for the welfare of Dreaming Turkey‘s valuable audience, we offer important information about military service in Turkey in today’s article.


One of the bounden duty of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey is military service. Every Turkish man must do this task. Throughout history, Turks have attached importance to their military structure and managed to become one of the world’s leading armies.

Military Age

The decision taken by the General Staff in Turkey, the military service age is indicated as between 20-41 years of age. People who did not perform their military service for various reasons at this age should fulfill their obligations. The age of 41 can be changed to be 5 years of age up or down for special circumstances, with the decision of the General Staff. Those who have not completed their military service as a fugitive have to fulfill their military service even if they are over the age of 41.

Duration of Military

In the new military system, the duration of military service has been reduced to 6 months. The 12-month military service period was abolished by law. Those who have completed 6 months of military service can be discharged, but if they stay, they can continue their military service for 6 more months. In this case, they will be paid 2 thousand Turkish Lira per month. An additional thousand Turkish Lira will be given to soldiers working in the provinces of Hatay, Kilis, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Mardin, Şınak, Hakkari, Van, Ağrı, and Iğdır.

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Postponing Military

It is compulsory for men who have started their business life after school to complete their military service at the age of 20. Those who are entitled to enter the university before the age of military service go to the military branches and their military service is postponed during their education without having to declare that they are students.

Those who have completed their university education have the right to postpone for 2 years. For example, a person who completes his education at the age of 24 has the right to postpone his military service until the age of 26. However, for this, it is necessary to go to the military office and postpone the procedure. If this is not done, he may appear as an AWOL as his education life ends. In the new military system, the age limit is determined as 22 for high school, 25 for vocational high schools, 28 for associate, 28 for bachelor, 32 for master, and 35 for Ph.D.

Paid Military

This option is issued by the General Staff according to the needs of the state. It has also been confirmed by the Constitutional Court that paid military service does not harm the principle of equality. In this law, the age of paid military service was determined as 22 years old and the fee was determined as 37 thousand Turkish Lira. That means someone can pay 37 thousand TL instead of doing military service.

Turkish Citizens with other Nationalities

Those who get Turkish citizenship afterward, except for those who are acquired later on the basis of descent, perform their military service as obliged persons who entered the military age that year, depending on their age and educational status at the time of their naturalization.

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Except for those who were acquired later on the basis of descent, those who certify that they have served or fulfilled their military service in the countries they have come from before their Turkish citizenship, and those who are twenty-two and older regardless of the month and day of their naturalization are deemed to have done military service. Exemption procedures are carried out without waiting for these obliged parties to personally apply to military service branches.

The documents submitted by the obliged parties must be the original copies, translated by a sworn translator and certified by a notary public. Otherwise, the submitted documents are not processed.

If it is later determined that the submitted documents are fake, a criminal complaint is made to the authorized chief public prosecutor’s office at the military branch where they are registered.

Those who become Turkish citizenship again after losing Turkish citizenship for various reasons are not considered as Turkish citizens later. Their military service is carried out according to their status on the date they lost their citizenship, taking into account their previous military service phases.

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