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Most Monetized Occupations in Turkey

In this article, we are going to introduce 20 high-paying jobs in Turkey. Please stay with us until the end of this article.

  1. Petroleum Engineer

One of the highest paid jobs in Turkey is petroleum engineering.

The income of this job is about 105,000 Turkish Lira.

  1. Insurance Specialist

The insurance specialist calculates how much financial uncertainty and risk will cost. They are trying to guess what the consequences of an earthquake or other natural disaster will be.

The more they reduce the risk, the higher their income.

They try to make the best decision to avoid harming their companies.

On average, insurance professionals earn about 110,000 Turkish Lira a year.

  1. Musician, Sound Artist, Presenter

It’s another high-paying job in Turkey.

On average, these jobs earn about 115,000 Turkish Lira a year.

  1. Air Traffic Controller

These people control the distances and routes of the planes. They coordinate traffic so that planes can fly safely. They try to move the planes in the right line at the right time.

The cost of any wrong move in this job will be very high. So attention and focus are needed. That’s why it’s so stressful.

The average annual income of this job is about 116,000 Turkish Lira.

  1. Information Technologies Manager

With the development of technology and more people’s attention to technology, the demand for IT managers is increasing, Because the use of technology while increasing efficiency reduces costs.

These people earn an average of 118,000 Turkish Lira a year. This rate increases with an increasing level of expertise.

  1. Management Consultant

Companies need management consultants to increase revenue and expand their vision. Management consultants advise companies to achieve these goals.

Things that management consultants focus on are organizational problems and the development of organizational development programs. They analyze and report on these cases.

Their income varies depending on their level of expertise and the companies they work with. But on average, they earn about 80,000 to 130,000 Turkish Lira a year.

  1. Specialist Doctor
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Doctors’ incomes vary according to their level of expertise and expertise. For example, neurosurgeons are the highest-paid doctors.

In addition to their salaries, doctors receive money for surgery. With that in mind, they make an average of 120,000 to 130,000 Turkish Lira a year.

  1. Lawyer

To become a lawyer, it is necessary to graduate from law school. Then, after a while of internship, you can start working as a lawyer.

Advocacy is not easy, because there are many fields and it is necessary to specialize in these issues.

Well-known lawyers in Turkey earn an average of about 130,000 Turkish Lira a year.

  1. Pilot

To become a pilot, you must pass important tests. Health tests are performed first. Apart from health tests, the training process is also very difficult.

To get piloting training, you have to pay a high price for those who provide training. So piloting is both expensive and difficult. Of course, it has a good income.

Good pilots earn an average of 140,000 to 150,000 Turkish Lira a year.

  1. Concrete and Mortar Mixer Manufacturing

Another high-paying job in Turkey is concrete and mortar mixer manufacturing.

The average annual income of this job is about 155,000 Turkish Lira.

  1. Mannequin and Model

Another high-paying job in Turkey is modeling.

Things to do to become a mannequin or model:

Having ideal physical dimensions

completing the training period

Having ideal personal clothes and accessories

Being smiling and energetic

Being disciplined and hardworking

The average annual income of mannequins and models is about 170,000 Turkish Lira.

  1. Software Engineer

Those who want to become software engineers must complete their computer engineering or programming training. Then they must develop their abilities to be able to carry out practical projects.

Software engineers earn an average of about 220,000 Turkish Lira a year.

  1. Employment Agency

The employment agency is also one of the highest-paid jobs in Turkey.

Employment agencies earn an average of about 230,000 Turkish Lira a year.

  1. Undersecretary
  Istanbul, International Financial Center

In order to become an undersecretary, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree and be a government employee.

Ministers elect their undersecretaries and send them to the president for approval. If approved, they will begin work.

Undersecretaries income is about 240,000 Turkish Lira a year.

  1. Chartered Accountant

It is not easy to be a chartered accountant. It requires a lot of training and work experience. After graduating from a related university, you will need to work as a financial advisor or accountant for at least 10 years.

On average, chartered accountants earn about 250,000 Turkish Lira a year.

  1. Milk Production

Another high-paying job in Turkey is milk production.

Owners of this business earn an average of about 260,000 Turkish Lira a year.

  1. Railway and Wagon Construction

The construction of railway and wagon is also among Turkey’s highest-paid jobs.

The average annual income of this job is about 265,000 Turkish Lira.

  1. Notary

As you know, we need a notary to certify many documents. For example, to transfer a car document, you must go to a notary. Similarly, when you buy a house, you go to the notary’s office.  You should also visit a notary to confirm some agreements or treaties.

The most important condition for establishing a notary office is to graduate from law school. In addition, you must be at least 21 years old and at most 40 years old.

After graduating from university, you can apply for a permit to establish a notary.

On average, a notary earns about 350,000 Turkish Lira a year.

  1. Battery Manufacturing

One of Turkey’s most lucrative jobs is battery production.

Owners of this job earn an average of about 820,000 Turkish Lira a year.

  1. Coconut and Date Production

Another high-paying job in Turkey is the production and cultivation of coconut and date.

Activists in this lucrative sector earn an average of about 1,600,000 Turkish Lira a year.

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