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Rental Price Range in Istanbul

If you are thinking about immigrating to Turkey, residence in Turkey, living in Turkey, Turkish citizenship, Turkish passport, living in Istanbul, migrating to Istanbul, and such issues, definitely one of the most important questions and concerns that have occupied your mind is that “what is the rental range in Istanbul?” That means, what is the minimum and maximum house rental price for each of the 39 districts of the metropolis of Istanbul? Which is the cheapest district in Istanbul to rent a house in? What is the minimum house rental price in Istanbul? In which district of ​​Istanbul is renting a house cheaper? How much is the rental price in Istanbul? How much are the minimum and maximum rental prices in Istanbul? What are the cheapest and most expensive districts of Istanbul in terms of the rental price? Which is the most expensive district of ​​Istanbul for renting an apartment? How much is the maximum rental price for an apartment in Istanbul? In which district of ​​Istanbul is renting an apartment more expensive? And many other similar questions …

In another article, we presented the average monthly rental price per one square meter of residential property in different districts of Istanbul. According to your numerous requests, the dear audience of Dreaming Turkey, and for the well-being of you dear ones, we have decided in this article to provide you with the minimum and maximum monthly rental price of one square meter house in different districts of Istanbul. To get the minimum and maximum monthly rent in each district, just multiply the given numbers by the area of ​​the house you want.

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District Min (Lira/Square Meter) Max (Lira/Square Meter)
Adalar 15 31
Arnavutköy 6 13
Ataşehir 10 32
Avcılar 9 20
Bağcılar 9 25
Bahçelievler 11 25
Bakırköy 17 38
Başakşehir 12 28
Bayrampaşa 11 25
Beşiktaş 20 40
Beykoz 9 25
Beylikdüzü 9 22
Beyoğlu 14 39
Büyükçekmece 8 20
Çatalca 6 13
Çekmeköy 8 17
Esenler 9 24
Esenyurt 8 22
Eyüpsultan 12 35
Fatih 15 27
Gaziosmanpaşa 9 31
Güngören 11 20
Kadıköy 15 34
Kağıthane 12 30
Kartal 9 22
Küçükçekmece 10 28
Maltepe 10 24
Pendik 7 18
Sancaktepe 6 18
Sarıyer 15 42
Şile 10 21
Silivri 7 14
Şişli 15 38
Sultanbeyli 6 14
Sultangazi 8 14
Tuzla 8 18
Ümraniye 9 22
Üsküdar 12 26
Zeytinburnu 13 37

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