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The purpose of creating a comment section on “Dreaming Turkey” is to share the experience of buying and using properties that are sold.

In this section, each user is permitted to share their views within the terms and conditions of the site.

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Terms and Conditions Included in the comments section of users:

  • A proper critique is a critique that does not consider only disadvantages or only advantages but also realistically examines the disadvantages and benefits of each property together.
  • Given the difference in the level of different properties and the differences in their prices, it is necessary to review each property according to its price, not absolutely.
  • Remove unnecessary content and include only essential and useful material in your review.
  • Avoid registering personal information such as email, contact number, and usernames in this section.
  • Avoid asking in this section and ask your question or guidance through the Contact form or What’s App Support or Email [email protected].
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  • Only reviews that are relevant to the property will be approved.
  • Users can post their reviews of any part of “Dreaming Turkey” in the relevant section, so do not post any reviews about the site or its services in the comments section.
  • Do not post anything that you are not sure about in the comments; also avoid rumors or uncertain information about properties.

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Force majeure

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