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Turkish Language Learning

The official language of Turkey is Istanbul Turkish. In Turkey, a small number of people speak English, most of whom are young people or professionals. Of course, far fewer speak German, Russian, Arabic, and so on. Even if you are very fluent in English, you will still have problems in Turkey; Because many Turks speak only their official language, Turkish. So eventually you will have to learn Turkish. Even if you know a very small amount of Turkish, more job opportunities will open up for you. If you can’t speak English, learning Turkish will be more important to you.

It should be noted that Turkish is not an easy language to learn; Fortunately, there are many ways to learn Turkish easily and without wasting time. Today, there are Turkish language classes in almost all countries, and you can learn this language in different institutions in your own country. If you didn’t learn Turkish before coming to Turkey, there is no need to worry; Because you can also learn Turkish in Turkey. There are many institutions in Turkey that teach Turkish with different styles.

Due to the importance of learning Turkish, in this article, we present the main methods of learning this language to our dear Dreaming Turkey companions.

Turkish Friend

One of the best ways to learn Turkish is to find a Turkish friend. In interaction with a Turkish friend, you not only learn Turkish but also your accent improves over time and it becomes difficult to tell if you are not Turkish.

School / University

If you’re going to study in Turkey, you can easily learn Turkish in your study environment, whether at school or university. Children and teenagers learn Turkish much faster in school, it takes an average of about two months for a student to speak Turkish, and after about six months he or she becomes fluent. Adults learn a little later.

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You can also learn Turkish at work through colleagues. Although this method is slow, it is a cheap way to learn Turkish. Of course, your Turkish co-workers usually want to learn your language, which makes this way a little more difficult.


Your neighbors in Turkey are usually very warm and ready to communicate with you. If you can show them your interest in Turkey and learning Turkish, they will guide you patiently and politely and kindly resolve your mistakes. The more you interact with your neighbors, the more your experience and the better your Turkish language.


If you have a schoolchild, you are lucky enough to learn Turkish; Because you can learn Turkish by sending him to a local school instead of an international school. Students will master a foreign language very quickly and can teach you.


Another way to learn Turkish is to use books written in this field. Fortunately, this training exists in different countries with different languages.

Internet and Software

One of the best ways to learn Turkish today is to use the Internet and special software. There are many websites that you can join and participate in their training courses. There is also a lot of software in this field, one of the best of which is Duolingo software.


One of the special methods for learning foreign languages, including Turkish, is the 100-word method. In this way, you will learn only 100 words or short phrases for everyday situations and gradually expand your vocabulary.


After learning Turkish, you should review your language in different ways so that it is not forgotten. To do this, you can read local books and newspapers in Turkish, watch Turkish movies and TV series. In short, review what you have learned in any way you can so that it is not forgotten.

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